Jay R. Nuzum Biography

After graduating from Evergreen State College with a degree in film, Jay Nuzum began working in TV animation for DIC Entertainment and followed that with work in the medical and commercial video production fields gaining experience as an editor, producer and cameraman which led to the formation of his own production companies Defcon Productions and Illusion MediaWorks.

Subsequently he has written, produced and directed the features “RESOLUTION” released through Alpine Entertainment,  “IN A DARK PLACE”, released through Providence Productions and “URBAN TERRORIST” released through Celebrity Video Distribution, films which sold all major foreign territories and played at smaller national film festivals.   He also directed the family film “SOFIA”, along with creating, producing and directing the comedy reality series “TOUGH GUY” about a real-life Tony Soprano on the road to redemption.

As a writer, he has sold and optioned many feature length screenplays as well as being a finalist in the prestigious Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowships, the Austin Film Festival, PAGE and International Screenwriting Awards.

He has also been involved in the creation of many commercial, industrial and event projects as he continues to dedicate himself to storytelling and the visual arts.